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And we’re HALF WAY!

June 28th, 2012 rlhenr14

I cannot believe that I am almost at the half way point of myinternship. My time here in New York City is really flying by. This past weekend I was the tour guide for both my mom and my nana who came to visit me and stayed right in the midst of Time Square. We went on many little adventures. We first walked all around my Union Square neighborhood to take in the sights and sounds of local artists and musicians. Then seeking a little excitement for my 80 year old grandmother, I made reservations at Ninja New York in Tribeca for some Japanese cuisine and drama, Ninja-style. After being whisked away down a dark elevator into a winding rocky garden we finally sat down to enjoy a meal served by knife-wielding, fire-breathing ninjas! My nana was a little scared but we did all survive the dinner! On Sunday, we had a day filled with fun: a trip to Saint Patrick’s Cathedral,  a visit to a vintage flea market in Hell’s Kitchen and a stop at the 9/11 memorial. The 9/11 memorial, located at the site of the former World Trade Center is a peaceful, contemplative retreat honoring the memory of all the lives lost in the attacks of February 26 1993 and September 11, 2001. There are two enormous waterfalls and pools located in the exact places where the twin towers once stood. The names of all of the victims are inscribed around the pools. The new towers and museum are in various stages of construction so the site itself is a work in progress but beautiful nonetheless. We finished the day with ice cream in Time Square, where even at 10 at night the bright neon lights and crowds of tourists deceive you into thinking it’s high noon . This week at work I am continuing with a project that I am doing with two other interns on state tax returns. It’s been very interesting interacting with people from different states on the phone but I must admit that the biggest highlight of my work week was running into Mario Lopez in the lobby of the Time Warner Center. You just never know who you might run into in Manhattan and, if you’re wondering, Mario is even cuter in real life than he is on TV;)

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