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The BIG Farewell

August 2nd, 2012 rlhenr14

Me with my best friend Olivia in Time Square

This week is incredibly bittersweet as I leave the city of New York, my roommate and the staff at Time Warner after ten weeks. Although I’m happy to be going home, I’m sad to leave a city I have come to love and people who have been so caring and generous in every way. This internship has been incredible as I made connections and learned about tax law in a large corporation. My mentor Steve has been a thoughtful teacher, so friendly and helpful in every regard. I will always be grateful for the opportunity he has given me both professionally and personally. For I never imagined that I would be able to explore New York City in so many ways, shapes and forms. Just this week, for instance, my adventures here continued as I went to the set of Good Morning America and saw up close the hosts and all the intricate work that goes into producing a national news show. On Saturday, I went back to Yankee Stadium but this time I was able to cheer my home team, the Red Sox, to victory! I also attended a comedy show on the weekend and laughed my heart out and to finish off the week I have my last company softball game Thursday night. This has been an unforgettable ten weeks ~ see you later NYC, this is not goodbye!

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