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Expect the Unexpected

May 30th, 2012 rlhenr14

From left to right: The Statue “Gran Elefandret” in Union Square, A restaurant in Soho and the Wall on the 10th floor of the Time Warner Center

After a long four hour drive this past Sunday I finally made it to the Big Apple! Once all moved in to my NYU apartment in lower Manhattan I wandered around the outskirts of my new neighborhood with my mom and dad. We came across the most unusual gathering in Union Square- tango dancing complete with a live band. We ended up joining in… very unexpected (my dad is not the best dancer) and pretty unusual since sightseeing rarely leads to the tango in my experience. But I guess, when in Rome do as the Romans do.

On Monday morning my roommate, Christin and I took a walk around Highline Park, Soho, Washington Square Park, the theme for the day was expect the unexpected… (Heres a list of the unexpected):

  1. A Mcdonalds that delievers (fast food right to your door… excessive?)
  2. A dog with a sweater and converse sneakers
  3. The main character of the HBO series Girls sitting next to us at breakfast!!!
  4. A baby carriage attached to a skateboard
  5. Unexpectedly running into a former classmate from my small high school right in the middle of Highline Park
  6. A man with a cat on his head… (picture below)

I’m excited to start work! I may experience a little bit less of the unexpected there but who knows….!

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